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Download: 2022 CPSS Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

Coastal People : Southern Skies Annual Report submitted to TEC for the reporting period 1 July 2021 to 31 December 2022 (18 months).

This is our first Annual Report, covering the eighteen months since the establishment of Coastal People : Southern Skies. Establishing a new national Centre of Research Excellence within a global pandemic has presented us with significant challenges and opportunities. Our primary kaupapa during the establishment of CPSS has been preparing the gardens. 

In this report, we share the stories of some of our firsts. Our research programme includes five projects that are community-led, and you can read about the first of these to begin, Bringing to life a waka: A vehicle for connection. We showcase our first Marine and Wellbeing projects, Pāua: Restoring a cultural icon and Falafolaloa: Pacific voices. We share an example of a foundational project, the Munida Transect, which has produced an internationally recognised dataset. We also invited some of our CPSS scholarship tauira to share their stories.