The Understanding Theme allows us to apply multidisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches to build local understanding and context to the global change we are experiencing.  It also enables capacity building and the collection and analysis of key data to support evidence-based decision making.

Understanding the impacts of climate change on important processes in the coastal-marine environment and implications for the values, culture, and well-being that coastal and marine areas provide is a priority. The Understanding Theme will determine how local stressors (that can be managed locally also) interact with globally driven stressors that cannot be managed locally. Coastal communities and researchers will co-create new knowledge and connections to enable preparation for a changed marine environment and focus management to maximise climate change resilience.

Our values are central to all that we do, and all our actions are underpinned by these values; our values are based on KAITIAKITANGA and MANA:

Meaningful, authentic, Natural, Action