Parāroa of the South Pacific

Project Leader(s) Dr Will Rayment (UoO)  Project Team Dr Alana Alexander   This project will highlight the connections among populations of parāoa (sperm whales) within Aotearoa New Zealand and across the Pacific and investigate the effect of the changing ocean environment on distribution and demographic parameters. The project will make use of the longitudinal study conducted […]

Connecting Coastal Communities across Moana Nui a Kiwa 

Project Leader(s) Professor Richard Walter (University of Otago) Project Team Dr Armagan Sabetian, Dr Karen Greig, Jillian Sabetian, Brendan Flack, Nixon Silaspio  This project builds on existing relationships with two villages in the Western Province, Solomon Islands.  These are Kokorapa village on Nusa Roviana, New Georgia and Vavanga village, on Kolombangara. In New Zealand we […]

Connecting to our coastal heritage places 

Project Leader(s) Dr Karen Greig (University of Otago) Project Team Professor Richard Walter, Dr Jenny Rock, Sally Carson, Dr Nicola Litchfield, Mr Richard Woods, Stella August, Wikitoria Moore, Edith Tuhimata, Dr Matthew Campbell  This project addresses the potential loss of coastal heritage places arising from sea-level rise and climate change and the implications for wellbeing […]